From LOTR to Tron: Uprising

It’s always difficult to make the transition from child star to adult actor, especially if you still look under 30.

But Elijah Wood has not only made the transition well, he’s also a geek icon because of the Lord of the Rings series and Tron: Uprising.

In fact, he’s fulfilled many a geek dream by actually going to Middle Earth, and now inside the Tron universe as well, and let’s face it, what self-respecting geek wouldn’t love to take a vacation to either?


On Tron: Uprising, Wood plays a character named Beck, a new revolutionary leader inside the grid.

As Collider reports, Wood thinks his new animated alter-ego is “pretty awesome. It’s fun to play something so heroic.” Wood also said he was indeed a Tron fan, and he was “super-excited at the notion of them making a show that actually fit between the two films, in terms of the mythology. They had done so much work, in expanding the mythology with Legacy, and a lot of the same writers were involved with continuing the story, or fitting new story into the context of those two films with this.”


Wood is clearly excited about the show, and during a press conference for it, he reverted back to an eighties kid, often exclaiming that things were “awesome!,” “super awesome!,” “super cool,” and “rad!” Once he saw what he looked like as an animated character, Wood thought it was “awesome! It’s even better than what I had anticipated. Seeing it play out with the finalized animation and some of the slo-mo sequences, it’s so beautiful. A lot of it is computer animation, but all the characters look like two-dimension cell animation.”


He’s also hoping there will be a Beck action figure too. 

“I have every action figure of myself,” Wood said. “When I was young, I collected Star Wars toys and Batman action figures. As a teenager, I collected all the MacFarlane movie monster toys. I loved all that stuff, so it’s a dream come true. I remember the first time I had an action figure of myself. That’s a pretty huge head f*ck for a 20-year-old.”