Prometheus is ready for a sequel

Besides The Dark Knight Rises, every self-respecting geek is absolutely looking forward to Prometheus when it hits theaters on June 8.

Whether it’s really an Alien prequel or not, it sure looks damn cool, and with Cabin in the Woods reinventing the horror film, Prometheus could be the great horror/sci-fi crossover for today’s generation, much like Alien blended the two genres together brilliantly back in 1979.

Of course, the major studios all love potential franchises, which can keep the money in coming for years, and one of the writers of the film, Jon Spaihts, says Prometheus is indeed set up for more future installments. 

He told Variety, “the story I developed with Ridley [Scott]unfolded in the context of a larger arc that we imagine playing out. That’s been (the plan) from the very beginning.” (The other writer on Prometheus is Damon Lindelof, who is the co-creator of Lost, and is also one of the scribes on the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Trek 2 reboot).


As for the speculation that Prometheus is an Alien prequel, Spaihts said the best way to go was back for the Alien saga. “I just started riffing about how you’d hav eot do it and what the secrets behind the first film would have to be,” Spaihts said. “Certainly it’s set in the universe of Alien and prior to the events of Alien.”


As for whether there will be more Prometheus films in the future, “We’ll obviously be prepared if and when the time comes,” a Fox executive told Variety.

The final cut of the Prometheus has also just been turned in to Fox, and there should be screenings of it soon. In the meantime, we’ve also reported on TG that writer Spaihts is going to pen the reboot of the Mummy, with the promise that his version will be much darker and scarier than previous iterations.