Vintage 1992 Game Boy watch goes up for auction

Check out this awesome watch.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, this will no doubt bring you back to the days when all you needed to kills hours on a plane or in the car was a brick-shaped device and a tiny green-and-black screen.

The watch, which is currently at around $160 on Ebay, was manufactured in 1992, right in the middle of the Game Boy hype in North America.

The auction description states, “This is an ORIGINAL Nintendo Gameboy Watchboy Wrist Watch from 1992.  This is a rare collector’s find from the early 1990s and includes all original parts and watch bands – except for the battery which has just been very carefully replaced.  This watch was stored for years in a plastic bin in a smoke-free home.”

The watch looks like a perfect miniature replica of the original Game Boy system, with the screen used to display the time. Unfortunately it can’t be used to play old Game Boy games.

The Game Boy would of course go on to define Nintendo as the leader in handheld gaming. Even as Nintendo struggled in the console business with the launch of the Gamecube, it never lost its grasp on the handheld market.

That is, until now, when gamers are questioning the relevance of a dedicated portable game system in a world where Android phones, iPhones, and tablets are becoming very powerful game machines themselves.

Nevertheless, the Game Boy is an icon in the history of the industry, and we cannot remember this watch being sold in stores so it will be interesting to see how much it ends up selling for on Ebay, 20 years later.