Taking business lessons from Howard Stern!?

Besides being totally hilarious, Howard Stern is also one shrewd businessman. 

I only wish I had his business acumen and bargaining power, which I’ve always admired.

I would certainly welcome a lengthy article on his business secrets in one of the financial magazines, or a Howard Stern business course at UCLA, but now a new book may be able to teach you how to be a winner in business, inspired by the King of All Media.

You may find Howard Stern’s humor stupid, but you don’t get to his level being a fool. Stern Leadership, written by Jamie Troia, and you can also download a free chapter from the book’s website, www.sternleadership.com. Among the things it promises it can teach you is:

“Why differentiating yourself is a key to financial success,” “how to build a team of co-workers that will run through walls for you,” “Why creating a culture of brutal honest is a secret of success,” and more. 

It’s certainly a clever idea, and it’s also an idea that several other writers have taken on as well.

Hotstudio.com ran an article called “Leadership Lessons From Howard Stern” where Maria Giudice, where she took her own lessons from the King, including, “Let  your people shine,” “Iterate constantly (but stay true to your core), “Respect your customers,” “Give and take,” which refers to Howard’s interviewing style, and “Remain human,” which refers to his “moments of awkwardness [and] vulnerability. This, above all, is his defining quality. It’s what makes him liked by his listeners.”

The Rocket Report also did a similar story titled, “You Don’t Get to Be ‘King of All Media’ just By Talking Dirty,” and he’s gotten to the top because of vision, loyalty, honest feedback / accountability, innovation, and risk, to name a few points. If you follow Howard Stern, will it make you a better businessman? Frankly, I can certainly think of worse people to emulate.