The Batmobile goes on tour

When Chris Nolan took over the Batman franchise, one of the most interesting changes he made was to the Batmobile. 

I’ve always jokingly referred to it as the Bat Hummer, simply because it’s more of an ATV than the Batmobile we saw on the TV show, and even the Tim Burton / Joel Schumacher Batmobiles, which were more like souped up sports cars.

As you may recall, the TV Batmobile was the work of George Barris, who designed and built many great custom vehicles, including the Munsters car, the Knight Rider car, and James Dean’s ill-fated Spyder.


So now with The Dark Knight Rises coming this July, the Bat Hummer is going on the road, or as Collider calls it, “that Bat-Pod and/or Tumbler.

The site includs tour dates, like a band heading out on the road so you can check out Batman’s fly ride. The tour starts in Arkansas, and ends in Los Angeles in July, several weeks before The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters.


Okay, so now you can check out the Bat Hummer in person, so once that car fantasy is fulfilled, how many of you want to be frozen like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back? What? You don’t? Well you can actually fulfill that fantasy if you’d like, you won’t actually be frozen of course, but if you want to look like Han after he got the deep freeze, now you can.


As Entertainment Weekly tell us, you can do this at Disney World at their Star Wars Weekends, and they’re calling this procedure Carbon-Freeze Me, which includes a frozen figurine of yourself. Of course, it takes four weeks to complete, and will cost you a cool $99.95, not including shipping. After checking out this story, it made me curious to think about what I would look like frozen like Han, and what a bizarre paperweight it would look like on my desk, or perhaps I could leave it in somebody’s freezer as a joke? Just what new novelty will the Star Wars powers that be think of next?