Who will be the next JK Rowling?

There’s so many writers in the world who would love JK Rowling’s level of success with Harry Potter. 

Actually, writer or not, who wouldn’t love to be a billionaire?

Of course, many of us who’ve tried to make it as writers didn’t realize the odds against us when we first dove in, in fact there’s maybe ten to twenty “mega authors” like Rowling in the world, and the woman absolutely won the lottery when Potter exploded and became a world wide phenomenon, selling a reported 400 million books worldwide.


And of course, who doesn’t love these Horatio Alger stories of people who came from nothing and became big stars? Simply put, we all hope for the same ourselves.

And of course, the publishing industry would love more JK Rowlings as well, because anything capable of generating that kind of money at the bookstores and box office is obviously very welcome.

Interestingly enough, a twenty year old student at Oxford, Samantha Shannon-Jones, is currently being groomed as a potential heir to the Rowling literary throne, and according to Daily Mail, she’s signed a six-figure, multi-book deal with Bloomsbury for her novel, which is called The Bone Season, and two sequels. 

Yet Samantha also says this saga will be a seven book series, and if the first one’s a hit, it can hopefully become a big franchise.


The plot of Bone Season is about a 19 year old clairvoyant girl living in 2059. Shannon started writing at 15, and would reportedly work on the novel up to fifteen hours a day,  “drawing inspiration for the plot” from the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden, where seven central London streets meet.

“I was intrigued by the number seven and this is partly why there will be seven books in the series,” she explained.

This isn’t her first attempt at a novel either, as Aurora was finished in 2010 and rejected by no less than ten agents. Look for Bone Season to hit stores in September 2013, which will be right after Shannon graduates.