US special ops train with NeuroTracker

The US military has deployed an advance simulator to help special ops forces improve situational awareness, multiple target tracking and decision-making efficiency.

Dubbed “NeuroTracker” and manufactured by CogniSens, the simulator has thus far been used almost exclusively for training elite athletes, including players in the NFL and NHL.

The military apparently purchased of the two training systems with the goal of helping troops improve their response time to fast and confusing situations typically associated with combat.

It should be noted that the US military has employed virtual training grounds in the past, including video games to help soldiers deal with dynamic scenarios and fast-paced combat. Interestingly enough, CogniSens claims the brain is capable of rewiring itself – if it is stimulated intensively and repeatedly in a manner similar to how muscle cells react with exercise.

SOCOM expects the system to help soldiers improve the simultaneous perception of multiple targets, while reducing response time and predicting enemy movements.