New Modern Warfare 3 DLC maps finally hit PS3

The Call of Duty maps that rolled out for Xbox 360 gamers in April are beginning to make their way to the PS3.

I say “beginning to” because not everyone with a PS3 and a copy of Modern Warfare 3 has access to the maps. Nope, only those who also have a subscription to the premium Call of Duty Elite program.

The new maps will make their way to the Sony platform on Thursday, May 10.

Call of Duty Elite was introduced with Modern Warfare 3 in an attempt for the game to earn a consistent stream of revenue. In addition to paying $60 for the game, and $15 a month for Xbox 360 users, gamers have to pay a monthly fee if they want access to exclusive Call of Duty content and if they want to be the first to access new downloadable maps.

Of course, things became muddled because Activision already had a deal with Microsoft where new maps had to be released on the Xbox 360 first.

So now, it works like this: the first gamers to get new downloadable maps are Xbox 360 users with an Xbox Live Gold account and a Call of Duty Elite membership. Then, the rest of the Xbox Live Gold community is able to get their hands on them.

Only after all Xbox 360 online gamers have their shot at the new content does it then make its way to the PS3. But at that time, only PS3 owners with a Call of Duty Elite subscription can access the maps.

And finally, once every single other gamer has been able to download the new Call of Duty maps, then PS3 owners without a Call of Duty Elite subscription – the only Call of Duty players who don’t actually pay a fee to be able to play the game online – get the content.