Draw Something is losing millions of users

The harsh reality of social media is that some things really are just temporary fads.

There has been this illusion in the last several years that once something makes it big, it will turn into an enormous empire in no time flat.

There are so many case studies where that’s the case – everything from little game franchises like Zynga and Angry Birds to the platforms that they live on like Facebook and Android.

But that doesn’t mean everything in this industry works like that. Take the game Draw Something for example. It went from complete obscurity to record-breaking awe-inspiring status.

In just 50 days, the mobile game was downloaded 50 million times, making it the fastest-growing mobile game ever. Its quick rise to stardom made social gaming magnet Zynga acquire the game’s company with intense swiftness.

However, this month, there are four million fewer daily active users on Draw Something than there were last month, according to industry tracking source Appdata.

The numbers show that the game peaked on April 3, when there were an impressive 14.6 million people playing the game on a daily basis. That number has only declined ever since. By the end of last week, barely 10 million people were logging in on a daily basis.

In an effort to keep the game fresh and try not to regret its purchase decision, Zynga has begun trying to monetize the game by letting sponsors create special branded gameplay modes in Draw Something.

The acquisition set Zynga back $180 million.