Dark Shadows looming

Friday May 11 heralds the arrival of the big screen version of the cult classic horror soap opera Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp as vampire Barnabas Collins and directed by Tim Burton.

The trailer looks great, but it still remains to be seen if the movie’s got too much goofy humor for its own good, or if Tim Burton’s tongue in cheek approach is just what a Dark Shadows update needs.

Chances are you’ve been seeing the ads for Dark Shadows around town, and they’re much more brightly lit than you’d expect from a gothic horror film, even if it’s got laughs in it.

So now there’s Dark Shadows make-up as a tie-in for the film and as the L.A. Times reports, available through NYX Cosmetics.


Through NYX, you can get the Crimson Amulet Collection, which has a collection of blushes, eye shadow and lip liners in shades “inspired by the film” for $25. This should be a delight for goth girls everywhere, and there’s also Orly International Dark Shadows nail polish with such shades as Grave Mistake, Buried Alive, Decades of Dysfucntion, and Mysterious Curse, only $8.50 each.


In other Dark Shadows news, it turns out that reboot is the sixth movie that Burton has made with legendary film producer Richard Zanuck, whose father was the legendary Daryl Zanuck, head of 20th Century Fox. 

Zanuck first produced Planet of the Apes with Burton, and the original Apes franchise was launched when Richard was president of Fox back in the ’60s. Zanuck also produced The Sting, Jaws, and Cocoon.


As Zanuck told Variety, “I’ve worked with so many top directors, and each one is brilliant in their own right. But Tims is the only real artist, literally an artist, of the group. Working with Tim, it’s like I was in the early days with Steven Spielberg. I try to free [directors] up as much as I can. I want that mind to be uncluttered, so it can work on the picture.”