Spike TV partners with Microsoft for E3 coverage

Spike TV’s coverage of E3 2012 next month will begin with a 90-minuted commercial-free presentation of Microsoft’s media briefing.

Just like last year, Microsoft is heading off the round of “pre-E3” press conferences. Spike is slotting 90 minutes on its schedule for live coverage of that event, which will include the presentation itself as well as analysis afterward.

“Spike is proud to be the top destination for breaking news at E3 2012, highlighted by the much-anticipated ‘Xbox: Entertainment Evolved’ special event, which will be available for viewing in a record number of media platforms as a part of ‘E3 All Access Live,” Spike said in a statement.

Although gamers and members of the media refer to these company events as “press conferences,” they are really just corporate presentations because at no point does the press get to ask questions.

Nevertheless, they are always packed full with news and announcements, and never-before-seen gameplay footage as well as hardware announcements.

This year, Microsoft has denied rumors that the Xbox 360’s successor will be unveiled, and Sony has likewise said no one should expect to see a PS4 on display.

So from the hardware perspective, it will be all about Nintendo and its Wii U console, which could possibly see a name change after the bungled presentation last year gave the ‘Wii U’ name a bad first impression.

E3 is a trade show primarily meant for conducting business, but unlike the vast majority of trade shows, this one attracts a huge following of enthusiasts who will be watching live coverage of the event from home. Spike, for its part, will offer 17 hours of coverage during the four-day show.