Playstation Plus enhancements may be coming

Sony is apparently toiling away when it comes to figuring out how to make Playstation Plus more valuable to gamers.

The service is available to PS3 users who want extra online content. The company has recently sent out a survey that hints at ideas that it is thinking about with regard to new features that might one day be added to the PlayStation Plus package.

Of course, nothing is confirmed but at this point Sony is trying to increase its subscriber base as much as possible.

The survey, which would take the average PS3 owner approximately 15 minutes to complete, asks gamers about what kind of features they would like to see added to PlayStation Plus.

The service is a premium platform that charges a monthly fee in exchange for free access to downloadable games, extra content, and special themes and other items available through the PS3’s digital download platform.

Among the topics brought up are the option to have free access to Call of Duty Elite, the premium online service for the most popular online shooter game, as well as the ability to download brand new PS3 games.

Currently, the free games that exist within PlayStation Plus are very small bite-sized games, or titles that are on their way to becoming obsolete.

Offering brand new games as free downloads would be a huge change to the PlayStation Plus benefits. Obviously these suggestions are just hypothetical at this point, but to be included in a survey means Sony is clearly thinking about pumping up its PS Plus benefits. Stay tuned.