Avengers on track for enormous opening weekend

You wouldn’t think anything would surprise the box office pundits by now, who are paid the big bucks to sit down and figure out what a movie’s going to make opening day.

Of course, the impending explosion of The Avengers is something else entirely. It’s already done huge business overseas, and now reports are coming it it could hit $500 million world-wide this weekend.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, the film has (thus far) made $218 million already, and predictions have it on track to make over half a billion total, “if not closer to $600 million.”

The current predictions printed in the Reporter feel the film could have a North American debut this weekend of $150 million, and if these reports come true, it will clearly make The Avengers the biggest Marvel film in history.


As Variety reports, The Avengers is already sixth on the list of “Marvel Studios’ super hits,” with Iron Man 2 being number one with a $624 million gross, Iron Man 1 with $585 million, Thor with $449 million, Captain America with $369 million, the 2008 Incredible Julk with $263 million, and The Avengers with its major $218 million gross.


In the meantime, word of mouth on The Avengers is very strong, with Fox News calling it “game-changing,” as well as the “super-hero movie to end all superhero movies.” 

Not to mention Cinema Blend ranks it the best Marvel movie yet for the following reasons: “It’s funnier than all the others,” “the final action sequence is better than all the others combined,” which is very good to read because anti-climactic battles in superhero flicks have been a big problem, “It builds off the character development of the others and expands on it,” “Side characters each get their moments and help flesh out this world,” and finally, “It raises the stakes without overdoing it.” 

Sounds like Joss Whedon may have indeed finally found the right balance for a superhero epic, and fans should turn out in huge droves this weekend.