Sam Raimi to produce Poltergeist remake

Being a big horror fan myself, I love the classics just as they are, and wish somebody in Hollywood would get to work on doing something original.

I was hoping that Cabin in the Woods would lead to something new, and I definitely enjoyed it, but I was also disappointed to hear that some fans didn’t like the fact it was different than they anticipated.

As you may recall, this is what the whole point was in the first place: You walk in expecting one thing, and it’s something else entirely. Maybe a generation being fed on tired remakes and reboots expected just that and couldn’t handle something different – although it did hold its own at the box office, and word of mouth has been strong, as it usually is with a good horror film among the fans.

That said, here’s the latest news on horror remakes that are coming off the conveyor belt. Now apparently as the Hollywood Reporter tells us Poltergeist is slated to be remade, but initial reports that Sam Raimi was going to helm it were wrong.

However, Raimi is slated to produce, and will also be in charge of hiring a director for the nu model Poltergeist. I haven’t seen Poltergeist in a long time, have no idea if it holds up or not, and although I’m anti-remake in general, in all fairness I would be curious to see what Raimi could do with it. (A little touch of Evil Dead in Poltergeist could actually be fun).


That said, now we come to a remake I’m really not crazy about, namely Carrie. I still think the original holds up fine, and still makes a good case against bullying now that we know much it gets sucks to be bullied. Deadline reports that Julianne Moore has been offered the role of the holy roller psycho mom, and Collider notes Carrie may be a found footage horror film. Moore’s a terrific actress, but found footage is a bad idea, and will date the movie very quickly.


I recently spoke to some filmmakers in the horror community and definitely got a sense that the whole remake and found footage thing could be coming to an end soon, as remakes have finally outworn their welcome. 

Then again, it may just be wishful thinking, and I’d hate to see the remakes of Carrie, the even more blasphemous remake of Suspiria, as well as what promises to be a lame redo of Evil Dead finally wake people up and realize all this foolishness was very ill advised in the first place. Of course, if that’s what it takes to end the remake trend, maybe it’s for the best.