Is Seth MacFarlane’s Flintstones already history?

A creative genius like Seth MacFarlane just seems to keep creating new projects on a dime.

I definitely admire people who can churn out great commercial ideas like Seth, JJ Abrams and Stephen King who are practically industries onto themselves.

Nevertheless, a slew of reports indicate that Seth may have hit a bad snag with his newly planned reboot of The Flintstones. First of all, I think a redo of the Flintstones from the creator of Family Guy is definitely an interesting idea, and if anyone’s going to modernize the Flintstones, MacFarlane’s a good choice, although he also said it won’t be too updated in that the humor won’t be too topical or controversial.


First the news hit that MacFarlane’s Flintstones would be on hold for a bit. Seth was working on the show for Fox, home of Family Guy and The Simpsons, where the Hollywood Reporter said the show was putting staff together with writers and producers. But the Reporter now states that MacFarlane’s schedule needs to calm down before he can get to the Flinstones.


Although the Reporter mentions that the Flintstones is a “passion project” for MacFarlane, he’s also working on a new version of the famed Carl Sagan show Cosmos, which will be called Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, and he’s also got his first movie coming out, Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg, which hits theaters July 13.


The Flintstones was supposed to premiere on Fox on 2013, but now a report has hit The Hollywood Reporter that the show is “on life support.” The story goes that Fox wasn’t happy with the script for the show, and they liked it, but didn’t love it, and MacFarlane could either rework the script, or put the show into development hell. 

With all the balls MacFarlane’s juggling in the air, he decided to put the Flinstones on hold. The Reporter also says the Flinstones offices have been cleared out, and the writing staff may go to work on American Dad instead. Well, only time will tell…