A kooky Twilight memorabilia auction

Attention Twihards. Who wants to buy a pillow used in the movie? It will only set you back 3 Gs, but what’s a few thousand dollars when you can have an actual piece of the movie.

Then again, what fourteen-year old has that kind of money to spend on a pillow, right?

As readers of this site know, I’m not for or against Twilight, I just don’t follow it much, except to marvel at how successful the series is, and how many people compare it to The Hunger Games, although Games strikes me as having more story and depth.

Then again, when times are bad, you can always count on another Twilight movie to come out and make a ginormous amount of money around the world, and help keep the movie biz from collapsing.


So now the news hits Movieline that a pillow that got shredded by Edward and Bella went up for auction on Ebay. You can “Buy It Now” for $2,999.99, and it’s going through a seller named cinemastuff818, who has 100% positive feedback.


As the description tells us, “This is the pillow used on the bed during the sex scene between Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn. Tears and rips are visible on the pillow case. Pillow measures 36′ inlength and 20′ in width. The pillowcase is a cream white and shows discoloration to show its use. Make up stains from the main actors can be seen on the pillow. Was obtained directly from the filming and production crew from Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

This pillow is also a feathered goose down pillow, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity from a company called Hollywood PARTS, which is located in North Hollywood, CA. 

As you’ve read lately on TG, there’s been a lot of Hollywood auctions lately, with everything from original Metropolis and Dracula posters going for six figures, to the camera that shot the first Star Wars, which went for over half a million. 

However, this Hollywood auction’s definitely one of the kookiest we’ve seen lately, although I’m sure a young Twi-hard with a rich father will love it.