Martin Scorsese just can’t get enough 3D

t’s a cliché to say that Martin Scorsese’s our greatest living director, but he is truly a remarkable artist, and I’ve been an ardent fan myself for many years. 

He’s directed many of my all time favorite films, like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and GoodFellas, to name just a few, but he’s still going good work as he approaches 70 in November.

As a lifelong film buff himself, Scorsese has an insanely encyclopedic knowledge of cinema, and a huge collection of movies, to the point where I heard he had someone working for him full time rewinding his VHS tapes.

He’s also a huge fan of 3D, and especially loves the early 3D classics House of Wax, which he considers the best film made in that medium, and Creature From the Black Lagoon.


Scorsese finally took the 3D plunge himself with Hugo, and he not only told audiences at CinemaCon that all his future films will be in 3D from here on out, but that he would have made his past classics in 3D as well. 

Yes, It’s hard to imagine King of Comedy or The Last Temptation of Christ in the format, but as The Wrap reports, he also would have liked to shoot Taxi Driver in 3D as well.


“I think you have to accept it as just another part of storytelling,” the master filmmaker said. “There is something 3D gives to the picture that takes you into another land and you stay there and it’s a good place to be.”


Where many were hoping a year ago that 3D was just another trend that would come and go quickly, Scorsese swears it’s the future of filmmaking. When he made Hugo in 3D, Scorsese said the technology got audiences more involved in the story. 

“It’s almost like a combination of theater and film combined and it immerses you in the story more. You saw audiences care about the people more.” And the goal with any movie is,”You want to recreate life. The minute [cinema] started people wanted three things: color, sound and depth.”