Chevy says the Cruze is the car zombies fear most

I’m a huge fan of zombie flicks and like everything from Night of the Living Dead to the modern Walking Dead.

And so is Chevrolet, apparently, which recently filmed a promotional tie-in with the cool looking Walking Dead video game. Yes, the promotion has Chevrolet touting its fuel-sipping Cruze.

When it comes to cars that would scare zombies and help you live through a zombie apocalypse, I would never have considered the Cruze. Then again, I guess a green car would make sense because from the films I’ve seen zombie attacks are much more likely to happen at a gas station than anywhere else.

Chad Weber, lead zombie for the Zombie Survival Dash, fleshed it out best: “Gas stations are a great place to find fresh food, and there’s nothing more frustrating for the horde than seeing a Cruze drive past, honking and taunting us with its fuel efficiency.”

The 2012 Chevy Cruze gets 42 mpg on highway. It’s a nice fuel economy figure especially considering the car isn’t a hybrid.

OnStar is also jumping on the undead bandwagon, with a new app dubbed “Zombie Dodger” which is designed to offer escape routes in real time in case you are in danger of being overrun by marauding zombie hordes.

Michigan State University professor Glen Stuzky, who teaches a course on preparedness for a zombie apocalypse, explained the trend by saying:”Data reveals a statistically significant drop in the number of Zombies per square mile (ZpM2) in the cities with the highest number of Cruzes per capita. Apparently, even with minimal brain stem functioning, Zombies have figured out that the 600 miles per tank has put Cruze owners beyond the reach of the Hoard.”

Personally, I’m more interested in The Walking Dead video game than the funny commercial. If you’re a fan of the TV series, you may want to check out the trailer for the video game and other relevant details that recently surfaced.