This car can be driven by remote control

One of the most memorable Hollywood scenes of a remote-controlled car was featured in the James Bond flick “Tomorrow Never Dies” where Pierce Brosnan played 007.

As you may recall, the BMW was, at one point, driven by a remote control app running on a smartphone.

In a case of life imitating art (or cinema), BYD Tech recently unveiled the F3 Plus at the 2012 Beijing International Auto Show.

The China-based automaker claims the F3 is the first production vehicle to boast Remote Driving Controller technology, which offers full functionality for driving at limited speed via a small handheld remote.

Essentially, the remote allows the driver to move the vehicle forward or backwards and to steer left or right, which could be helpful for motorists attempting to park in tight urban space. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if technology like this will usher in a new era of parking lot jerks. If the space between two other vehicles is so small that you can’t open your doors to get out, you have no business parking there – even if your car is remote-controlled and technically would fit.