Video: MIT geeks play Tetris… on the side of a building

Tetris is one those classic games that has been around for a long time, yet continues to be more popular than ever.

Of course, you’re a geek who goes to MIT, playing Tetris on an old school Game Boy or even a modern tablet simply won’t do the trick.

So that is probably why a group of students recently took over the side of an MIT structure known as the Green Building and transformed it into a gigantic multicolored Tetris game.

It seems as if the students controlled the game with an old-school joystick attached to a podium standing away from the building. To start the game off, the word Tetris scrolled horizontally across the building façade. Just like the original, once someone loses the game, blocks tumble down the screen vertically until it’s clear.

There is no indication of exactly how the students pulled off the hack, but we certainly don’t need exact details to see how awesome the result was.