Sony does an about-face with Mass Effect 3 PS3 events

Sony wants to reverse its decision to ban online multiplayer events on the PS3 version of Mass Effect 3.

To help keep things interesting in the online multiplayer world, developer Bioware has been running numerous promotions, such as the ability to gain extra XP or receiving bonuses for completing various tasks.

However, perhaps unknown to those playing the game on the Xbox 360 or PC, none of this stuff has been making its way to the PS3 version of the game.

It’s not because Bioware hates its PS3 fans. It’s because Sony has apparently been denying these promotions for reasons that aren’t exactly clear.

For example, the most recent event involves giving players a 10% XP bonus to anyone who plays on the latest downloadable maps, but only on Xbox 360 and PC.

However, Sony is changing its mind. In a statement e-mailed to, the company wrote, “We are currently working together with EA and BioWare on an implementation to bring Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PS3.”

It’s unclear exactly why Sony rejected the events in the first place. It doesn’t appear that they violate any of the online network’s terms of service or anything like that.

If and when they do start coming to the PS3, Bioware would have to make the decision of whether or not they would redo the events from the beginning so PS3 owners could have all the advantages that Xbox 360 owners have received.

For now, though, fans can appreciate that Sony and Bioware are working to resolve this issue.