Stooge power

I admit it, I never thought any modern day filmmaker could do justice to the Stooges.

There are those who remain absolutely dead set against anyone modernizing the Three Stooges, and I’m a big fan of them as well, but I took a wait and see attitude with the new Stooges movie, written and directed by the Farrelly Brothers. 

Quite a few others were holding their breath as well, but it looks like the Farrellys may have indeed pulled it off, not to mention they may be knocking The Hunger Games off the top of its box office perch. (So far, they’re in the lead for #1 for your moviegoing dollar.)


I first thought Cabin in the Woods would be #1 this weekend, but apparently the Stooges are defying all odds. The film has also gotten positive reviews, with the L.A. Times writing, “It’s almost impossible not to be won over by the eye-poking, head-slapping, nose-twisting shenanigans that pepper nearly every scene.” The New York Times also termed the film a “thoroughly enjoyable pean” to the original three, “a perfect fit for the Farrellys.”


Here’s something else to keep in mind. The reviewers for the L.A. and N.Y. Times are both women, and as we all know, women have notoriously hated the Stooges forever. The fact that even they can be won over by this new incarnation of the Stooges really says something.


It’s hard to keep an open mind when you love something so much. Growing up with the Stooges, I always believed nobody could do it better than Moe, Larry and Curly, and the original trio will always be the best. And even if the new Stooges wasn’t any good, it will never truly hurt the fact that the original Stooges are still hilarious after all these years. Still, the fact that anyone could bring them back modern day and do justice to them is quite a feat.