On clueless vampires

I didn’t think Clueless was my kind of movie, but on the recommendation of a friend I checked it out, and did enjoy it enormously. 

With Clueless, writer / director Amy Heckerling made a very clever comedy based on the classic story Emma, and it cemented Alicia Silverstone’s stardom after she became an MTV staple for Aerosmith.

Clueless was absolutely Amy Heckerling’s best comedy along with Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which she directed, and it’s a trip to think that 1995 was so long ago.

Both Heckerling and Silverstone’s careers haven’t gone so great since, and they’re now both trying to come back with Vamps, a comedy about, you guessed it, vampires.


I often joke with my writer friends that all they need to sell their book or script is change the main characters into vampires and it should be a hit, but Heckerling told New York Magazineshe came up with this idea before True Blood, Twilight, “before all that stuff,” she said. 

And once she pitched the idea to her agent, the agent whined, “Well, they’re already making Twilight and nobody’s going to do this.”


Heckerling definitely knows the true rules of bloodsuckers, especially the fact they’re not supposed to be out in sunlight. The Twilight vampires “sparkle and seem so fey,” Heckerling said. “They seem so precious. Daylight, that’s got to be a complete no-no, otherwise you might as well have some other kind of monster. It’s the dark. It’s the other side, when everyone else is asleep.”


Sigourney Weaver also has a role in the film, which Heckerling first proposed to Michelle Pfeiffer, who had to turn it down because she was already doing another horror comedy, Dark Shadows. 

As a fan of Amy Heckerling who feels she’s a very talented and smart filmmaker, here’s hoping Vamps will bring her and Alicia Silverstone back from beyond, or at least out of bad movie jail.