Valve job ad hints at big things

There might be big changes in store for PC gaming giant Valve.

Valve is one of the biggest names in PC gaming, and could arguably be considered the biggest name in game companies that are almost exclusively devoted to the PC.

In addition to making some of the most popular and hardcore games, which always meet fan expectations, Valve operates the digital distribution platform Steam, which is so ubiquitous it is practically the Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Store of the PC world.

And now, it seems like the company is working on yet another thing that could tip the industry on its head. At least, that’s the only logical conclusion based on a recent job posting over at Valve.

“Join our highly motivated team that’s doing hardware design, prototyping, testing, and production across a wide range of platforms. We’re not talking about me-too mice and gamepads here — help us invent whole new gaming experiences,” the job description states.

It was previously rumored that Valve might be working on some sort of console device that could plug into a TV – a “Steam Box” – but those rumors were quietly downplayed.

Nevertheless, some still believe it is a possibility and that Valve just wants to keep it as under-wraps as possible.

Whatever it is, there’s no doubt Valve is working on something exciting. Only time will tell.