Max Payne on its way to Android and iPhone

The gritty shooter game franchise is set to invade the mobile market.

Publisher Rockstar has announced that a mobile Max Payne game will be making its way to both Android and iOS later this month.

It will be a different adventure than Max Payne 3, which is also making waves and will be heading to console platforms later this year.

Rockstar said the iPhone and iPad version of the game will launch on the App Store on April 12, while the Google Play Store version will hit Android devices on April 26.

The company did not specify what Android devices would be supported, but noted it will announce that information in the coming weeks.

Rockstar, of course, is best known for its Grand Theft Auto titles, which are engineered to create controversy.

But the publisher has a history of creating other, epic games that don’t get as much attention but are often praised just as highly from critics.

Max Payne is one of those franchises. It’s still a bloody and violent game, but in this series that content is portrayed much more in context with the storyline.

The game has an emphasis on guiding players through a captivating adventure, such that the violence is not gratuitous; it’s necessary and pivotal to keep players’ attention.

It will be interesting to see how that dynamic is captured in a mobile game.