No, Cameron won’t direct Prometheus sequel

Okay, okay, so we know the casting of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs is indeed true, as much as it sounds like a joke, but quite a few movie geek April Fools jokes did go around this past week.

For example, there was one involving James Cameron that quite a few people thought was true at first. 

With so many ridiculous sequels, remakes, and all around dumb decisions being made left and right in Hollywood, you can make up a lot of dumb stories, and they’ll go pretty far before somebody calls bullsh*t, which makes the movie biz rife for this funny holiday.

In fact, we just reported there’s going to be a sequel to Twins, which is going to be called Triplets, and now Eddie Murphy’s joining the family with Ah-nold and Danny DeVito. No, sadly, this is not a joke, this movie is indeed in development, but again, you could have made that story up, and it would have fit right in on April Fool.


As far as the James Cameron joke, Iron Jim told the Guardian he wants to make the sequel to Prometheus, which is reputedly the prequel to Alien, dead tipoff it’s a joke right there, and he said, “There’s a gap of a few years between Prometheus and the original Alien. That gap is meant for me to answer all the questions raised in Prometheus.” 

Once Deadline reported this news, they quickly updated it with Mike Fleming writing this was “a slightly humorous off handed comment…” And as Mike also points out, Cameron’s way too busy doing his own sequels to Avatar to fool around with the Alien franchise again, or at least not until he’s senior citizen age.


Some years back, Aint-It-Cool-News did a funny April Fools prank about upcoming DVD releases, and on the list was the long lost Jerry Lewis movie, The Day the Clown Cried, which is one of the worst movies never seen. Jerry plays a clown captured by the Nazis during WWII, and he’s forced to entertain the children in the camps. I know, lines around the block, right? 

It was supposed to be Jerry’s big bid for seriousness back in the ‘70s, but the movie was never released, and Lewis has vowed it will never see the light of day. (Clown is the holy grail for bad movie fans because very few people on earth have actually seen it.) Also on their faux upcoming DVD list was Traci Lords: The Early Years, which you’ll never see at Best Buy because all of her early X titles were done when she was under-age and had to be destroyed when she got caught.


Other geek goofs? Cinema Blend reported Taylor Lautner being cast as Leonardo in the upcoming reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ryan Gosling being cast in Walt, the faux biopic of Walt Disney with Ron Howard directing, Spielburgers, a theme restaurant dedicated to Steven Spielberg and his movies, a new Star Trek movie, Excelsior, announced by Sulu, and the Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass toy.


Previous geek April Fools jokes that Cinema Blend rounded up include the Star Wars Holiday Special coming to Blu-Ray, Gandalf going chrome dome a la Patrick Stewart for the Hobbit, a Toy Story 4 subtitled Don’t Toy With Me, Lightsaber Popsicles, joke news that the Wayans Brothers were going to make a Twilight spoof a la Scary Movie, Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula movies in development (although with movies being made out of boardgames, could cereal be around the corner?), Eddie Murphy replacing Michael Jackson in Captain EO, Tim Burton making a Mister Rogers film, a Little Miss Sunshine 3D conversion, Lady Gaga starring in a Madonna biopic, and much more.