Marvel movie marathon already sold out

I love the fact that movie marathons are coming back, especially since I thought they were done in the age of the multi-plex

Nevertheless, there’s a Planet of the Apes marathon coming to the Alamo Drafthouse soon, as well as a best of 1982 film festival hitting the same theater, and here’s hoping more like it will actually go around the country.

Oh wait, there’s also the Marvel marathon, and now we can confirm it sold out in a hurry. It’s certainly a great idea, and I’m looking forward to seeing more superhero marathons, but the short of it is that AMC Theaters will be having a Marvel movie marathon on May 3. 

The marathon will show the first Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, which Entertainment Weekly reminds us “is worse than you remember,” and Iron Man 2, which they continue “is better than you remember but still worse than it should’ve been.” Then comes Thor and Captain America before the first midnight screenings of The Avengers get started.


Regardless of the quality of the movies, as Deadline reports, advance tickets for the May marathon went quickly. Tickets indeed sold out a month in advance, and more shows will be added. Interestingly enough, the cost is $40 for the whole marathon, and as Nikki Finke writes, “I think this amply demonstrates that fans will pay extra for theatrical events.”


And again, hope there’s going to be more events like this coming, a Batman marathon could definitely be interesting to see the evolution, devolution, and resurrection of the franchise before we finally see The Dark Knight Rises. 

This should also be a strong signal that anticipation for The Avengers should be pretty high right now, and it should do good business on opening day, May 4.