Total Recall featurettes skew reality

I certainly won’t dispute the fact that rebooting certain films and television shows often makes sense, especially for the ones which appear really dated like Space 1999.

But the original Total Recall, which is (very loosely) based on the Phillip K. Dick novel We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, seems just fine to me as is.

I admit the special effects are somewhat behind the times, and well, yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting skills leave much to be desired, but still. I mean, is the world really clamoring for Colin Farrell to play Dennis Quaid?

Well, enough ranting for now. The truth is, I understand that We Can Remember It for You Wholesale probably needs to be reintroduced to a whole new generation of genre fans. Hence the upcoming reboot, which hopefully won’t be too disappointing.

Fortunately, the recently debuted trailer seems to be a pretty clear indication that Total Recall 2012 will be pretty fast-paced and enjoyable indeed.

Then there are two new featurettes offering even more behind the scenes goodies.

In the first clip, we see Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale discussing the script, TR sets, as well as their characters and experiences during production. 

The second featurette stars veteran director Les Weisman who provides a voice over commentary about the new trailer. 

I have to admit that my interest has been piqued by these clips, and plan on seeing the rebooted Total Recall when it hits theaters nationwide on August 3.


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