Will Michael Bay ruin Halloween 3D?

As everyone knows, Michael Bay’s been quite busy lately. 

He’s about to start his passion project, a smaller dark comedy called Pain and Gain, and after much deliberation he’ll be helming Transformers 4. 

Not to mention he’s gone on the defensive about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, which he’s producing, and hopefully not ruining. As you know, the geeks are very protective about their favorite iconic characters, and Bay’s already gotten a lot of heat about the changes being made to our beloved heroes in a half shell.

Now reports have come in that Bay’s company Platinum Dunes, which did the remakes of Texas Chainsaw, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street, may be swooping in to save Halloween 3D. 

Originally Dimension was making it, yet the reboot was removed from the company’s calendar, meaning it was basically dead. And yes, not only will the next Halloween be in 3D, but it will also be, you guessed it, a found footage horror film, capitalizing on two of the latest trends in horror.

Yet as Cinema Blend tells us, their take on the next Halloween would be ” a total tear down of the project,” meaning it won’t follow in Dimension’s footsteps and could go a much different way than planned previously. Either way (considering I love the original and John Carpenter’s work), I think trying to carry on the Halloween saga is just a bad idea.


Frankly, I have to agree with Cinema Blend that “Michael Myers doesn’t need gimmicks to terrify audiences,” and following the current trends of Hollywood horror will just make this installment even more dated down the road. 

It’s also terrifying to think what kind of heavy handed clumsiness Bay could bring to the Halloween series. He’s already rubbed Ninja Turtle fans the wrong way in a big way, although perhaps many of us horror nuts have resigned ourselves to the fact that the Halloween movies will probably keep on coming, and they can’t possibly match up to Carpenter’s original classic in a million years. 

After all, Halloween’s the only mad slasher movie that’s in the Library of Congress, and it’s doubtful any of the innumerable imitations it spawned then or now will ever be joining it.