Mortal Kombat coming to PS Vita on May 1

Mortal Kombat is one of those classic arcade titles that many of us gamer geeks grew up on.

I think we all remember trying to get all those button combinations right, and the elation felt when successfully executing a fatality against your opponent.

So If you’re a fan of the franchise like most geeks, you will be happy to know the game will soon be hitting the PS Vita in North America and Europe.

The official launch date in the States is slated for May 1, while the title should be on virtual European shelves by May 4.

As expected, the latest version of the game was optimized specifically for PS Vita and will utilize various features, such as the touchscreen, for fatalities. There is also a challenge tower mode that boasts 150 different missions.

If you somehow missed the entire franchise, the first game was released in August 1992 with the latest launching last year. The game also spawned some atrocious movies and animated series over the years.

Personally, I’ve always had a hard time pulling off those fatalities, and wonder if they’ll be easier to execute on the PSP version. Be sure to watch the video above, because it looks like the graphics are pretty sweet with fluid game play and nicely rendered environments.

I haven’t followed the franchise in many years, but the character we see first in the game play on the video sure looks like Freddy Krueger. The video also makes it seem as if you to play head-to-head against another PS Vita owner. One of the cooler parts of the video shows one player being dominated pretty badly and blood showing up on the screen that the user has to wipe away.