Report: CoD Black Ops 2 details leak

I played just about every one of the Call of Duty games going back to the start of the franchise. Out of all them, one of my very favorites is CoD: Black Ops.

If you like the game you are probably like me and have been wondering when we might see a sequel. Well, today just may be your luck day, because some details, including an alleged launch date have leaked.

Treyarch, the same studio responsible for coding the original, is producing Black Ops 2.

Naturally, we have to take the details with a grain of salt, because they could be completely wrong until confirmed by the developer. That said the launch date is pegged as November 6 of this year, and is tipped to be one of the biggest, as Activision plans on throwing a huge amount of money thrown at it.

According to the leaked details, a new game mode called “Escort” is being added. Along with the new mode, both “Drop Zone” and “Kill Confirmed” modes are returning. However, “Team Defender” and Infected Modes are said to be getting dropped. Personally, I rather liked “Infected Mode,” even if it was easy enough for cheaters to hide on large maps and win by doing nothing.

The details also claim there will be 15 prestiges and 50 different ranks with every two different prestiges giving a five rank increase. The maximum prestige level is tipped to be 90. Leaked details also indicate  there will be more of an emphasis on “hardcore” mode, while single player games have supposedly improved significantly. I hope most of the information above is correct; as I’m really looking forward to playing the Black Ops follow up.