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PS4 rumors abound

Thanks to a couple of apparent leaks, we’re getting some new details about what Sony’s next console might offer.

First up, according to an unnamed source quoted by Kotaku, the PS4 will not be backward compatible in any way with the PS3, which would assumedly mean it also won’t be able to run PS2 or PS1 games (the current PS3 is still backward compatible with PS1 discs).

In addition, the site reported that the new Playstation will have technology built in that blocks used games from working. In other words, once you pop in a PS4 game into the system, the console will create a one-to-one relationship between that copy of the game and the system.

This same issue has been rumored with the Xbox 360’s successor, and there have been rumblings on both sides of the aisle. One important note is that pulling such a maneuver would be a huge slap in the face to Gamestop, which directly provides millions of dollars in revenue to Sony and Microsoft and is a very strong partner for both companies.

So we’ll file that one in the “we’ll believe it when we see it column,” but speaking of seeing things, there’s another item in the PS4 rumor pile that may have associated proof.

Also tipped on Kotaku, a California design firm posted pictures on its website with the label “Illustrations & Sketches for new Playstation Orbis features.” The pictures show some sort of motion camera on top of a TV, along with a user interacting with what looks like a smartphone to control the console.

The design firm has since taken down the photos, but not before people were able to grab copies of them, along with a hint that the PS4 could be code-named the Playstation Orbis.

Sony, of course, has said nothing about the PS4. It believe the PS3 still has a strong life ahead of it. Nevertheless, the speculation is that Sony’s new system may launch in time for the 2013 holiday season.