Vita games yanked after Sony discovers exploits

Sony has pulled two downloadable PSP games from the Playstation Vita after it was discovered that they contained potentially damaging code.

In what is a perfect example of the sheer ingenuity of some people in hacking community, a group of hacking experts managed to discover that the digital download version of the PSP game Motorstorm: Arctic Edge contained code that could be exploited by a third party when executed on the Vita.

Hackers proved their point by launching a piece of homebrew software on the device and playing an unauthorized version of Doom, posting their proof on the website

Sony hoped to avoid a big media firestorm over this and quietly yanked the game from the digital download Playstation Store platform.

Unfortunately for Sony, the story doesn’t end there. Wololo hackers have come back with another title, Everybody’s Tennis, that has the same issue.

The site posted a tongue-in-cheek message saying that the game was “extremely dangerous” because it could be exploited to allow Vita owners to play “20-year-old 8-bit games and 154 different version of Pong.”

As expected, Sony has since yanked Everybody’s Tennis from the online store. It does not appear, however, that the US version of the game, known as Hot Shots Tennis, was affected.

Sony has not officially responded to any of this, even about legitimate concerns for gamers who purchased either of these games legitimately and never downloaded them, or would need to re-download them in the