Star Trek 2: The Wrath of JJ Abrams

It’s getting to the point where Hollywood studios will do practically anything to prevent leaks from a movie set.

One can’t help but wonder if there will come a day when even the directors are going to be banned from the set. Hell, maybe they’ll be force to direct two blocks away via Walkie-Talkie.

Having personally dealt with the paranoia of Hollywood, I can only imagine how terrified everyone involved in a blockbuster must be over leaks, especially in the age of the Internet, where secrets, and even an entire movie, can leak in a second.

Now that Star Trek 2 is finally up and running, it’s going to of course be a major blockbuster when it hits theaters on May 17, 2013, and I’m sure trying to guard leaks will have the same level of paranoia and importance as guarding missile launch codes.

Now I do recall a photo or two circulating, but didn’t know there was a video that leaked, as I often avoid stuff like this because I don’t want any surprises spoiled.

I’m also quite sure a lot of other fans want to see the film unspoiled by leaks as well. 

But then I saw a report on that JJ Abrams has practically set up a Berlin Wall around the set to stop people from shooting the set. 

At first I thought I was looking at a few storage spaces or dumpsters, but apparently he’s set up “30 large shipping containers, the kind you see at ship yards and harbors,” ScienceFiction tells us, “his own ‘Great Wall of Trek.’” The photo that ScienceFiction ran was captioned “EGOTASTIC!” on the bottom right hand corner.

Of course you don’t want secrets getting out on a movie, especially a big franchise like Star Trek, and certainly not when the film’s release is well over a year away.

And being a fan of Spielberg, a very secretive director in his own right, JJ Abrams knows the value of not letting the cat out of the bag before its time.

Predictably, however, JJ’s Great Wall of Trek hasn’t actually deterred anyone, as fans are still vowing to obtain pictures and leak them ASAP. 

Come on guys, I know we all want to see the next Trek before anyone else, but don’t be babies and spoil it for everyone. You’re going to have to wait like everyone else, but before you know it, Star Trek II will be here…