Facebook charges over $700k for logout ad bundles

I’m not really a heavy user of Facebook, but I do browse the social networking site often enough that I don’t feel the need to logout after every session.

If you are the type who actually logs in and out, well, you may have noticed the company is now selling ads for it logout page. Perhaps not unsuprisingly, Facebook is said to be making a very tidy sum on each of these logout ads.

According to Ad Age Digital, Facebook is offering US market logout ads at a cool $710,000 for a single days run.

Indeed, an unnamed source claims the social networking site is bundling logout ads along with ads that stream on user news feeds – so $710,000 is obviously purchasing a lot more than just a video ad spot when someone logs out.

Like many others, I personally find the ads running in-line with the news feeds to be quite irritating. 

Interestingly enough, the logout ads aren’t being offered as a standalone product, at least for now. Then again, this is the first new advertising product from Facebook in a while, which traditionally sells most of its ads to run on the sidebar of a user profile page.

The downside to the new logout ads? Apparently, there is no way to target specific demographic group, which will probably please privacy advocates. Nevertheless, Facebook has previously confirmed  that 7 million US users logout of the site daily – making the logout ads business quite a lucrative one.