Is Netflix embracing the horror business?

The future of movies is of course going to be heavily streamed, and many predict this is where the next big game changer is going to come from, not from your local theater or on regular television, but on the small screen.

After a pretty rough year, you’ll notice Netflix is trying to get original series up and running, and they’re also soon going to be in the horror business with a new show from Hostel creator Eli Roth. There’s also been reports that Netflix may also soon pick up ABC’s The River, from Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli.

As The Wrap reports, Roth has signed a deal to make Hemlock Gove, which is going to be in the gothic horror vein, taking place in a run down Pennsylvania steel town.

The Wrap feels the show has similarities to AMC’s The Killing, and the plot, which centers around trying to solve who murdered a local young girl, also sounds a little like Twin Peaks (Roth has a 13 episode commitment for the show).

Netflix is also picking up Arrested Development, and a show about gambling produced by David Fincher and Kevin Spacey called House of Cards. (Hopefully it will have better luck than Luck, which just got cancelled after three racehorses dropped dead).

Deadline is also reporting that Netflix may ultimately pick up The River, which just completed its 12 episode run. It didn’t end well in the ratings, and Deadline notes that Netflix may continue it if ABC decides not to renew the show. Similarly, ‘Flix may also pick up Terra Nova from Fox, which won’t be renewing the show. 

Then again, nothing’s set in stone about The River yet, and sources who spoke to Deadline are currently stressing that talks between Netflix and ABC are “exploratory,” as Cinema Blend puts it, and may lead to more synergy down the road.