The Dark Knight Rises is complete

How cool would it be to be one of the few people on earth to have seen The Dark Knight Rises last week?

Well, several people have, the top brass at Warner Brothers that is, because Christopher Nolan recently completed his last Batman film, a rough cut of it at least, and it has been shown to the powers that be at Warners.

Whatever their reaction is to the film, it’s sure to be a tightly kept secret for some time, good, bad or indifferent. As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, this is a first cut, so Nolan’s obviously got plenty of time to fine tune the movie, and you also get the impression it will take some time to get all the CGI and FX together, which always take forever, and often arrives at the last second.

With all the current hoopla over The Hunger Games, it’s funny to think you could almost forget there’s a new Batman movie coming July 20, and it’s the last with Christian Bale in the title role, and Christopher Nolan at the helm.

So far the trailers for The Dark Knight Rises feel inconclusive, Bane isn’t everyone’s first choice for a villain, and we have yet to see if Anne Hathaway’s going to deliver as Catwoman or if she will camp up the joint. Still, however it turns out, you know the geeks of the world will be out in full force on opening weekend for the last of the Nolan / Bale Batmans.

Really, it seems like only yesterday there was the new Batman with Nolan and Bale saving the franchise from the day-glo décor of Joel Schumacher. We’re of course all hoping the last in the series will end things in fine style, and that the winning team behind the nu Batman will come back again some day instead of Warner doing the franchise with new people, a la this summer’s Amazing Spider-Man. 

As for what it was like to see the first cut of the new Batman, a privilege only a small handful of Hollywood elite were able to enjoy, let your imagination run wild as to what that had to be like.