BBC adds digital streaming to Xbox 360

The BBC has launched its popular iPlayer streaming platform for the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, the service is only available to people who can get regular BBC programming on their TV (meaning customers in the UK).

Players can use Kinect motion and voice controls to navigate through the different content available through the new iPlayer app, which offers thousands of hours of BBC programming.

The Xbox 360 isn’t the first platform to get the new service, though. BBC’s iPlayer is already available on the Wii and PS3 in the UK.

It’s another example of how the Xbox, even though it has the biggest connected installed base, has not been the first choice for content providers because of strict controls that make it difficult to launch new apps. The PS3 and Wii are much more flexible.

Nevertheless, the launch of iPlayer on Microsoft’s console is big news.

BBC General Manager Daniel Danker said in a statement, “Xbox is hugely successful in the UK. Given the BBC’s goal to reach its entire audience, I’m particularly excited that the BBC will be bringing iPlayer to all Xbox users at no extra cost as part of Xbox LIVE’s free membership. As we continue our work to make BBC iPlayer as simple as possible, we’re also excited to experiment with natural user interfaces made possible with Kinect, including voice and gesture control.”

It’s unclear if the platform will be making its way to the US, but due to content restrictions it is very unlikely.