The Elder Scrolls will go massively online

One of the most epic role-playing game franchises is about to be given the most epic PC game treatment possible.

The Elder Scrolls, which has gained an enormous cult following due to each game’s incredibly vast environments, unparalleled storytelling, and addicting game mechanics, has remained a single-player affair since its inception.

However, Tomsguide has cited an unnamed source as saying that developer ZemiMax Online Studios is working with Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda to create a massively multiplayer online entry to the series.

This rumor is further cemented by the fact that ZeniMax posted job listings on its website that hinted at the idea of a project with Bethesda.

According to the reported details, the online game will take place several hundred years before any previous entry in the series. As for the online mechanic details, there will apparently be three factions from which players can choose.

The factions will be represented by a lion, a dragon, and a bird, though further details were not revealed. The most recent Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, shattered the PC game sales lists when it launched last year, so excitement about the franchise is as high as it’s ever been.

The game is reportedly tipped to be officially announced in May, giving it a head start on the hype before the annual video game industry E3 trade show in June.