Third TRON could go live in 2014

The first TRON movie debuted way back in 1982, with a long-awaited sequel hitting theaters in 2010.

The franchise remains more popular than ever, as anticipation builds for the upcoming animated TRON: Uprising series. The show is slated to feature a star-studded cast, including the voices of Bruce Boxleitner, Elijah Wood, Lance Henrikson, Mandy Moore and Paul Reubens.

And now sci-fi veteran Bruce Boxleitner (aka Alan Bradley, Tron) reports that another TRON movie is on the way. And yes, says Boxleitner, this time around, fans of the original 1982 film will get to see more of Tron himself.

“The last movie didn’t [really] end,” Boxleitner told IAmRogue. “It actually started the next movie and then went to black.

Boxleitner said he was enthusiastic about the prospects of a new TRON movie, despite unconfirmed reports of budgetary constraints and other potential difficulties.

“It’s [definitely] in the works. Anything could happen, but all I can say is, it’s in its formative stages,” said Boxleitner.

 “[Joseph] Kosinski, who is slated for it, he’s shooting another movie now [Oblivion/Horizons], and then they’ll get around to doing that. I think somewhere around 2014, maybe. I’m talking way out of school here, but they can’t shoot me because I’m Tron.”

Boxleitner also confirmed that he would be voicing Tron in the new animated series. 

”Who else would I be?” he asked rhetorically. “I’m [obviously] Tron. It’s going to be on my gravestone, ‘He was Tron.'”

Although Disney has yet to confirm a third TRON, the studio hired screenwriter David DiGilio last June to pen a script for the hypothetical sequel. Legacy screenwriting duo Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are apparently still involved in the franchise, even though they are currently occupied with ABC’s Once Upon a Time. 

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