Camping out for The Hunger Games

It’s now a mere two weeks before The Hunger Games hits theaters, which means the hype machine’s really going into overdrive. 

To say this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year is understatement of the decade, and it should very easily make the $100 million opening weekend the box office pundits have been predicting.

According to the L.A. Times, people are already lining up to see it in Los Angeles, about 400 of them already, complete with tents and sleeping bags.

Jennifer Lawrence, star of the film, came down to meet the fans and sign autographs, telling the LAT, “I knew people were camping out, and I couldn’t not come. When the first Harry Potter came out, I would have camped out absolutely.”


The Hunger Games also went on a mall tour across America, hitting LA. At the Westfield Century City Mall on March 3, where Entertainment Weekly reported a thousand fans turned out, some who camped out the night before. A sixteen-year-old fan told EW, “It was a battle to keep my position in line. They are the best books I’ve read and the movie is going to be phenomenal. I just love the actors. It’s better than Twilight.”


At a Q&A at the mall event, Larence said she had “three-hours of badass training a day,” and that the lead character of Katniss is “a futuristic Joan of Arc. She’s a warrior for the people.” 

She also joked if she could play any other role in the film it would be “Wes Bentley’s beard,” and indeed, it had to be a hell of a job shaving him every day. (Here’s also hoping Bentley’s beard doesn’t inspire a new fashion trend either).

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