EA goes FTW with Mass Effect 3 and Old Republic

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello recently talked about the launch of Mass Effect 3, one of EA’s biggest titles of the year.

Riccitiello estimates the game sold 890,000 units during the first 24 hours it was available in North America alone. Previously, EA had confirmed that it shipped 3.5 million copies to game retailers around the world. Of course, the game has also racked up impressive reviews across the ‘Net with a metacritic score of 94/100.

Another interesting tidbit about the launch? EA offered downloadable content (DLC) the same day the game went live.

According to gamer retailer GameStop 40% of the people who purchased the game on launch day also purchased and downloaded content – making for the highest tie ratio at the register in the company’s history.

Riccitiello also talked a bit about subscriber numbers for The Old Republic, a subscription MMO set in an expansive Star Wars realm. Currently, the game boasts 1.7 million active subscribers, most of whom have have completed their 30-day trial window and are now paying customers.

Finally, EA ha confirmed that it will be taking its Mass Effect franchise in a completely different direction with the new anime series based on the video gam. The first glimpse at the new series was offered to attendees at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. The animated series will focus on James Vega, a character introduced in the newest Mass Effect title. If any science fiction video game ever deserved to be made into a movie, Mass Effect is that title. And let’s face it, EA would obviously be easier to work with than Microsoft with Halo. 

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