New Marvel games coming soon

With The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man coming soon, it only makes sense to create video games out of these superhero franchises, and that’s just what’s been announced at the Game Developers Conference.

Hollywood has hoped for what they call “synergy” with games and movies, and it looks like films, comics and games could be a good three in one combination.

As far as what Marvel has in store, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to TQ Jefferson, the VP of Games Production for Marvel, who said that The Avengers franchise is “bigger than just one game, and we’re planning to allow consumers to enjoy The Avengers regardless of their preference in gameplay style or platform.” (In regards to format, Facebook as a Marvel: Avengers Alliance game).

As for Spider-Man games, Jefferson said the character “continues to challenge development teams to this day, getting them to push their skills as developers and the hardware in ways that other characters can’t or don’t… Open world gameplay, swinging on webs through a fully rendered Manhattan, clinging to any surface in 3D space are all big challenges for a game.”

As Jefferson added, staying in character, and within the boundaries of the superhero’s ethos, is very important. 

“The challenge is to keep the various development teams focused on innovating in ways that do not ‘break’ the character. We can’t give Spider-Man guns, no matter how cool the guns are, but we can give him specialized ‘webballs’ that work in much  the  same way without breaking the character.”

The Reporter also inquired about the upcoming Marvel Heroes, which will be the company’s first massively multiplayer online game. 

“This is a very different experience from console games, where the interactions are with fewer online characters and are more linear experiences. With Marvel Heroes, we’re talking about dozens of playable characters over many hours of gameplay,” Jefferson added.