$107K Fisker Karma bricks during testing

Fisker may manufacture some of the sexiest electric vehicles on the planet, but it’s beginning to look like the cars may have some serious issues.

Indeed, the $107,850 Fisker Karma recently rolled through the gates of the Consumer Reports automotive testing center.

The car had about 200 miles on the odometer and was going through basic speedometer calibration tests on the track. This particular calibration has the car traveling at 65 mph between two measured points.

Apparently, as the driver was putting along at less than highway speeds the car sounded a warning tone, with the dashboard indicating a major fault. The car stopped operating, the transmission went into neutral, and it wouldn’t engage any forward or backwards gears.

Consumer Reports let the Karma sit for “about an hour” before attempting to to move the vehicle, which ultimately remained bricked with the same error message flashing on the dashboard.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Consumer Reports confirms that it also experienced issues with a Karma press vehicle, and cited a number of end-user complaints over Karma issues which can be found at  FiskerBuzz.

Although the cause of the test car failure remains unclear, it does indicate that there may be some significant issues plaguing the very expensive Karma.