Chronicle 2 now in the works

Chronicle was a nice change of pace at the movies, a completely new story that’s not based on any previous movie, comic book, video game, or board game.

It received good reviews across the board, and even went to #1 at the box office. Chronicle has also made $61 million in the U.S. so far, and over $100 million worldwide on a $12 million dollar budget.

So with the film’s success, director Josh Trank has been offered the Spider-Man villain film Venom, and now Deadline reports that Max Landis, who co-wrote Chronicle with Trank, is once again on board to pen Chronicle 2.


Max, who is the son of Animal House director John Landis, has been going like gangbusters as a screenwriter, with many projects set up all over town, including a remake of Frankenstein that Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) is signed on to helm.

Of course, Landis also has a big hit on YouTube with The Death and Return of Superman, which has over a million views on YouTube as of this writing.

Making a movie on Venom is an interesting idea, and Landis and Trank can hopefully bring back more irreverent and unique takes on superheroes with both Venom and Chronicle 2.

As Landis told the Writer’s Guild website, “A lot of people are going into [Chronicle] expecting popcorn, and we’re trying to give them a steak. We’re trying to give them a three course meal. If you walk in expecting Spider-Man and end up with No Country For Old Men, I think it’s a good experience.”