Simcity making a comeback

After nearly 10 years, a new Simcity game is slated for release.

The last title in the franchise, Simcity 4, was released in 2003, and was developed by Maxis, a company that will forever be known as the team behind all things Sims.

Simcity has a storied legacy that dates back more than two decades. The new entry was revealed at the Game Developers Conference this week.

“I really can’t think of a better time to take a game like ‘SimCity’ and update it with the capabilities of the technology today and introduce it to a new generation of gamers,” Maxis SVP Lucy Bradshaw was quoted as saying in a Washington Post article.

The new title will allow players to build winding roads, among many other highly customizable options that were simply not possible in 2003. There will also be an online multiplayer mode.

“This is the first ‘Simcity’ where your city sits side by side with those of your friends playing in a region. The choices you make are going to directly impact their cities. You can cooperate to create regional aspects of your cities. Connect them together — or not,” said Bradshaw.

The Simcity franchise was one of EA’s cash cows, but it was usurped by the even more popular “The Sims” series. Since the original title in that franchise was released, the life simulation game has eatedn up all of Maxis’s resources. Now it finally has time to go back to Simcity.