Superhero auction touches down in April

There have been a number of amazing Hollywood auctions lately, where everything from the Dude’s (The Big Lebowski) to the original camera that filmed the first Star Wars movie went to the highest bidder.

The Star Wars camera especially went for major bucks, $625,000, and it broke the record for SW memorabilia.

So for fans of Marvel, and the latest comic book flicks, The Hollywood Reporter tells us there will be an auction on April 14 where you can bid for the Captain America and Iron Man costumes, as well as Thor’s hammer. 

The auction will be held at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and the memorabilia will be sold by Profiles in History, an auction house based in Los Angeles.


The Captain America costume, complete with shield, is expected to go for a cool $20-30 grand. The Iron Man costume is from the second movie, and unlike the Captain America costume, which is made of nylon, the Iron Man armor is actually manufactured of fiberglass. This costume should sell for around $60-80 grand. And Thor’s hammer, which is made of foam rubber, is expected to fetch a cool $4-6 grand.

The Reporter also tells us other items up for auction include a Red Skull mask, a Cosmic Cube, and a Hydra tank.

As The Reporter jokes, “With items from Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor up for sale, an eager collector could put together his own Avengers team.”

Of course, it’s also good timing to stock up your geek collection right before The Avengers is released on May 4 – even if all most of us can afford are simple replicas.