On Robocop and Revolution

Recently, rumors were running rampant that Russell Crowe was up for the lead in the remake of Robocop.

Unsurprisingly, much like the rumor that Harrison Ford would be returning for the next Blade Runner film, it got squelched pretty quickly by Crowe himself on Twitter. Now word has come down who’s really been offered Robocop, a newcomer, which may, in fact, be the best way to go.

According to Deadline, it is Joel Kinnaman, who starred on the AMC show The Killing, and also just had a role in Safe House, alongside Denzel Washington.

MGM is doing the Robocop remake, and they apparently just made the offer to Kinnaman for the starring role. Jose Padilha, a Brazillian director who helmed the acclaimed movie Elite Squad, will be overseeing the Robocop reboot.

While there’s no confirmation on whether or not Kinnaman has accepted the Robocop starring role, there’s already casting news on the next JJ Abrams show (I know, which one, right?) slated to debut on NBC this fall. Well, this is Revolution – the series where we lose all electrical power in the future and have to find some way to survive. (Eric Kripke, who created Supernatual, is writing the script.)

As Collider reports, Jon Favreau will be directing the pilot, and Giancarlo Esposito from the show Breaking Bad has been cast. According to Collider, Esposito’s character is Lieutenant Neville, “a southern gentleman and steely military man with a secret.” 

Any other details of course will  be scarce for a while, nor would we want to spoil anything if we knew more, so look out for Revolution this Fall.