Final Fantasy X HD remake incoming

One of the most iconic entries in the long-running Final Fantasy series is getting a graphical overhaul.

When Final Fantasy X was released on the PS2 – the first entry on the platform – fans were blown away by the amazing graphics, smooth rendering, and flawless animation. Today, it seems almost completely outdated.

So to re-energize the feelings that gamers had when they experienced the game for the first time, Square Enix will be remastering the entire experience in HD and will be releasing it on the PS3.

Square Enix has become popular for re-releasing its titles on new platforms, in a big to not only bring back memories for fans who have been playing for over a decade, but also to introduce new players to the franchise’s history.

The publisher has remade titles dating back to the first one, with Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II making their way to the PSP, and every entry through Final Fantasy IX being re-released as digital downloads.

The more recent ones, like Final Fantasy VII, have been simple re-releases. Square Enix hasn’t actively gone in and changed the experience, but Final Fantasy X will be like playing it for the first time again.

It’s surprising that this isn’t a bigger trend in the gaming world. Of course, in the film industry, studios who haven’t remade an old film in HD are crazy, yet there really isn’t much of a market for “remastering” video games. Maybe if Final Fantasy X HD sells well, that will change.