Kolchak: The Night Stalker is back with Johnny Depp

Along with the big screen version of the classic TV horror show Dark Shadows in May, Johnny Depp is also bringing back another classic TV horror, Kolchak: The Night Stalker. 

Both shows were created by Dan Curtis, who also gave us the Winds of War mini-series, and although Kolchak didn’t last long, it’s still a great show that has stood the test of time. (I have the DVD box-set myself).

At one point David Fincher was going to do a big screen Kolchak for DreamWorks, which would have been awesome for sure, but Edgar Wright’s a good choice too. According to Deadline, Wright will be helming the big screen version of Kolchak, with Depp playing the reporter in the seersucker suit who keeps running into monsters on his beat.


Wright of course gave us Shaun of the Dead, Hott Fuzz, and the under-rated Scott Pilrgim Vs. the World, not to mention he created the best fake trailer for the movie Grindhouse, Don’t!, which for some reason isn’t on either the Planet Terror or Death Proof DVDs.

Depp is a Kolchak fan, which is a good thing because a lot of people remaking these TV shows and old movies have never even seen them, and it’s currently set up at Disney. Deadline reports it will be “tailored to fit Disney’s family film mandate and likely a PG-13 rating,” which isn’t exactly bad news because Kolchak was a TV show of course, and it doesn’t need blood and guts to be effective.


As a fan of Johnny Depp he may be a little too handsome to play Kolchak, but he’s a tremendous talent who can probably play any role he wishes to take on. I’m sure he’ll make a good Kolchak, and with Edgar Wright helming, a big screen Kolchak could already be off to a great start.